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"The mission of Pension Plan token is to help to make your retirement better“

If you ask yourself what the two main factors influencing the quality of your retirement are, we believe that many of you will answer: health and financial freedom. Pension Plan is here to help you with both.

The vision of the Pension Plan token is to create something long lasting. Your investment will grow with 7 % reflection in AVAX and give you the opportunity to use these gains for your spending or further savings. Pension Plan will not only improve the quality of your life financially, but also it will contribute 1 % of all transactions towards clinical research. 

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Why should you invest in
the Pension Plan token?

pension plan redistribution

1. Pension Plan uses a system of redistribution from all transactions

Pension Plan uses a system of redistribution from all transactions. This deduction of 10 % from every transaction makes it very hard for short trading or bots' engagements. Therefore, investors understand, that this token is made for long-term holding.

pension plan investors

2. Doxxed devs constantly bring more investors

It is always work for the developers to constantly bring more investors to Pension Plan. This will result in an increase in token price and will accumulate in your Crypto wallet. It is easy getting used to reflection after reflection, paid in AVAX. Not only will this encourage holders growth and stability, you will want to keep adding more into your Pension Plan so as to receive even more AVAX with each redistribution.

pension plan buyback

3. Burned forever

Furthermore, we improved the code of Pension Plan by implementing a 1 % buyback, which burns the tokens forever and decreases the circulating supply. Constantly shrinking the supply should have a positive impact on the Pension Plan's token price.

Redistribution of the 10 %

The code of Pension plan is unique and was built by our team. You will not find anything with the same functionalities. This AVAX token works best, when you hold it in your wallet, which guarantees you receiving the redistribution. The redistribution is initiated, when 100 AVAX is collected from all transactions.

PP redistribution

7 %

reflection to holders in AVAX

1 %

sent to a marketing wallet in AVAX, which is used for advertising purposes and payments for listing on different CEXs

1 %

sent to cancer research in AVAX

1 %

of Pension Plan tokens are sent to a burn address, which removes this liquidity from the circulating supply forever