Pension Plan

This roadmap is an interactive plan, which highlights the milestones,
that we want to achieve.

pension plan roadmap setup

Phase 1 – Launch


  • Pension Plan Coin launch
  • Website launch
  • Social information update

  • Social media registration (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter)

Phase 2 – Community


  • Create and publish memes
  • Collaborate with community on social media
  • Giveaways and competitions for best community promo

  • First donation for Cancer research

Phase 3 – Social media

In progress

  • registration
  • Publish article at Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch
  • Project reviewed by famous influencers
  • Launch Youtube channel

Phase 4 – Exchanges

In progress

  • Publish full audit of Pension Plan Coin
  • Get Pension Plan Coin listed on exchanges (Hotbit, Coinsbit)

  • Allow staking system on exchanges
  • Apply for listing

Phase 5 – Ecosystem


  • Continue donations for Cancer research
  • Get Pension Plan Coin listed on Hachiko Inu Exchange
  • Holders can pay with their 7 % reflection with a debit card

  • Complete all steps on this roadmap and create a new roadmap

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