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Clinical research

One of the main purposes of Pension Plan token is to support clinical research of cancer and other serious illnesses.

It is the biggest honor for us to announce that today we met with Professor @JiriDamborsky from @LoschmidtL based @muni_cz and @FNUSA_ICRC_CZ and signed a letter of intent/contract for a donation.

Their field of research is focused on Alzheimer’s Disease, Strokes and Cancer. 

Thank you for your support Pension Plan community!

clinical research pension plan
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About the fund.

Pension plan is seeking to raise at least $100,000 by beginning of 2025 and then continue to raise the amount with aim to support various clinical research projects around the world via trusted foundation. All these funds will be used directly for clinical research of cancer and other serious ilnesses. Area of clinical researched faced recently lowest investment period in this century as COVID-19 unfortunatelly reduced our ability to fund cancer research by 50% in 2021. Targeted research organisations will be carefully selected by the senior members of the foundation board with no influnce of the Pension Plan developers to secure maximum efficiency of the provided funds as clinical research belongs to most specialized fields. We believe that Pension Plan community's contributions will help re-establish crucial research funding for new discoveries and better treatments to improve life for each of us and help significantly fight known serious illnesses in the future.

"We invite you to support vital research efforts and broader mission to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. "

Scarlett Anderson, American Cancer Society
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